Aol Alternative: 7 Best Alternatives to Aol

Today we’re going to talk on Aol alternative apps and sites.

When talking about Aol we talks about email services, video and news update.

So in this article we’re going to list some Aol alternative as email provider and also Aol alternative as a news app.

What are these Aol Alternatives?

Before proceeding on the topic we’re going to first of all explain what Aol is all about.

What is Aol?

Aol ( American Online) is an online service providing company that specialises on email services, trending videos and news update.

Aol was founded in 1983 as a control video corporation but later rebranded in 2009 Aol incorporation.

It’s headquarter is located in New York City, United States.

Now that you’ve known what Aol is all about,

Let’s quickly look into Aol alternative.

Aol as Email Provider ( Best 4 Aol Alternative)


1. Gmail ( Aol Alternative)

Gmail illustration image one of the best Aol Alternative

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google for receiving and sending emails.

You can also use it to block spam and unwanted emails

Gmail was first launched by Google in April 2004, it’s also available for both Android and iOS.


2. Outlook ( Aol Alternative)

Outlook is an email service owned by Microsoft.

It is another Aol alternative when it comes to sending and receiving email online.

Outlook was first launched as hotmail in July 1996, it’s also available for both android, IOS and windows.


3. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is another great Aol alternative in terms of emailing service, it’s a Yahoo owned app launched in October 1997.

You can also use Yahoo mail to send, receive and read emails online.

Yahoo mail is available for download on both android play Store and IOS app store.


4. Yandex Mail

Yandex mail illustration image on Aol Alternative

Yandex Mail is another great Aol alternative when talking about email services.

They can help you to send,receive and read emails for free in Android and iOS devices.

You can also improve your privacy by using their inbuilt app lock features for free.

Yandex app was made available on September 2010. Please note that some of the Yandex Mail features are limited to pro users.


Aol Alternative as a News App


5. Flipboard ( Aol Alternative)


Flipboard illustration image one of the Aol Alternative

Flipboard is my number one news app that is available for free in both android and iOS devices.

With flipboard you can discover the latest trending world news for free.

In flipboard you can also customize your personalized newsstand, you can also create your personal magazine.

6. Google News

Google news is a Google owned app that will always update you on the latest trending local and world news for free.

You can also personalize your interest in Google news app to get the best experience.

Google news was released since June 2012, and was made available for iOS and Android.

7. Microsoft News

Microsoft News is a news app from the Microsoft corporation which was made available on December 2014.

With Microsoft News, you will get updated on the latest trending world news based on the topics you follow.

You can download the news app in your play Store or app store for free.

This is where we are concluding our topic on the best Aol alternative apps.

Kindly use the comment box for questions and suggestions please.


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