Alternative to sendspace file sharing

There are many alternative to sendspace file-sharing apps and sites which we’re going to list in this article.

Have you been searching for a way to share or receive some files on your device for free?

Well, this topic covers everything you need to know about file-sharing apps and sites.

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What are these sendspace alternatives?

Alternative to Sendspace File Sharing

1. Google Drive

Google drive image,one of the alternative to sendspace file sharing

Google Drive is my number one pick when talking about the alternative to sendspace file sharing.

With Google Drive, you can access, store, and share files on the go using your free cloud storage.

Google Drive will also help you to back up your data and upload it to their server for free.

Google Drive is owned by Google LLC.

2. Dropbox ( Alternative to Sendspace File Sharing)

Dropbox image an alternative to sendspace file sharing

Dropbox is another yet powerful and reliable file-sharing app on the go by Dropbox incorporation.

You can share and star your photos and files with your Dropbox account for free.

You also get your free cloud storage space for backing up photos, videos, and other files and synchronizing them across all your devices.

Dropbox not only gives you storage space but also makes it easy for you to share your files.

3. MediaFire

MediaFire is another great alternative to sendspace file sharing which was released on Jan 2013 by MediaFire.

On signing up with MediaFire, it will give you a free cloud storage space of 50 GB for free.

The free space given can be used to upload all your files like music, photos, videos, and documents for easy sharing.

In summary, MediaFire will provide cloud storage space for your files and also simplify file sharing.

4. Send Anywhere( Alternative to Sendspace File Sharing)

When talking about file sharing like sendspace, then Send Anywhere must be included.

Though it will not provide free cloud storage like others but will help in sharing files to anywhere of your choice not minding the size of the file in question.

5. Easy Share By Vivo Communication

Easy is another good alternative to sendspace file sharing in the Spence that it will also let you transfer files.

Easy Share file transfer is completely free to use and can transfer big files in just some seconds.

Another good thing is the fact that it doesn’t need any data to transfer or send files.

4.7 star rating in Google Play Store as of the time of writing this post.

6. ShareMe (Alternative to Sendspace File Sharing)

You can try ShareMe file sharing as one of the alternatives to sendspace file sharing.

ShareMe is completely free and without ads, it also supports quick transfer to all iOS and Android devices.

With ShareMe file sharing you can transfer photos, music, and videos and even send apps anytime anywhere.

7. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive image one of the alternative to sendspace file sharing

Microsoft Onedrive is a file storage and file sharing app from the Microsoft Corporation.

It will provide 5GB of free storage for your files storage of which should be increased to 1TB when you upgrade.

Microsoft Overdrive offers photo and video backup and can also allow easy file sharing.

I think we have concluded our today’s post.

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