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Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Dear friends, today I’m coming up with a must-read lecture on the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger.

Do you need knowledge on how to become a successful blogger ?

Or maybe you’ve been aspiring to become a blogger? Then, I guess this article is going to be of great help to you.

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Have you ever dreamt of being a well-known successful blogger?

Have you ever thought of what makes a successful blog?

Have you also thought of what it takes to become a successful blogger?

Anyway, being on this page I strongly believe you’ve been wanting to know how to become a successful blogger and make money Blogging.

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Keep reading please!

There are many successful bloggers in the world today, some of the successful bloggers in the world today are;

People like Neil Patel,
The New York Times best selling author.

He was recognized as the world top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama of the United States of America.

Same Neil Patel was also recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United States of America.

Here’s how to start a blog without writing a word


He started someday from zero to hero, I think anyone can be like him with consistency,determination and focus.

You can check on Neil Patel

Harsh Agrawal an Indian born blogger the fountain head of the shoutmeloud website, well you can check on Harsh

You will also be successful in your Blogging journey also if only you can be able to implement all the strategies written here on the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger.

People like Ryan Robinson, the owner of ryrob Website, can never be forgotten when listing the world’s successful bloggers & many other successful bloggers in the world today.

You can check on Ryan Robinson

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You can watch it below!

A YouTube video on 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger
Well, you can be one of them if you have taken the decision of starting today to smile tomorrow, 

You can even inculcate more success than they exhibited , that is why I am going to treat my today’s tutorial to the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger.

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Let’s just get started now!

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By reading this article you can be able to know;

Tips for becoming a successful blogger

What makes a successful blog?

How to become a successful blogger

How to make your blog successful

How to make money Blogging

How to start a successful blog

Now I believe you have gotten a start up knowledge or rather to say that you have already started your own blog by reading our article on how to start a blog.

Here’s how to start a POS Business and make money in Nigeria or any other part of the world

This time now you’re going to learn how to be successful in the Blogging journey that you started.

Always remember my key ” start today and smile tomorrow”

Also remember that “successful bloggers are never quitters ” you can now see below the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger.

Now, how can you become a successful blogger?

Read below!

Tips for becoming a successful blogger.

1. Blogging about what you love is the 1st tip for becoming a successful blogger.

This is seriously a great tip that you must put in consideration when searching for the tips for becoming a successful blogger.

It is a must know tip for every blogger. Now, why must blogging about what you love be included as a success factor in blogging?

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Anyway, you can see the reasons below!

  • You knew it, that’s why you love it, So you can always write a quality article that would boost your ranking and get you more traffic for making money.
  • It will make you to enjoy blogging
  • You will always make your blogging to be consistent because you love what you’re doing
  • Because you know it and love it, you will always have more topic idea that you will write about.
  • You will be able to define & defend your career anywhere


Please never blog on a niche you don’t know, maybe simply because someone close to you is into it.

Always go with a niche that you know, of course if you know it,you will love it.

That reminds me, you may also wanna read this article on choosing a perfect matched blog niche for yourself when starting your own blog.

Well also read it on the link below!
How to Choose a blog Niche: 3 easy tips

2. Creating a time factor can also help

I think time is the most important blogging keys that will draw a Blogger closer to success,

It’s very important for you as a Blogger to create adequate time for your Blog,

The time we are talking about here can be further grouped into three different categories

*Make out time for learning

This is the time for you to learn more about your chosen niche, one key features of a successful blogger is that a successful blogger never stops learning,

No matter the level of knowledge that he or she has acquired, he still needs to learn more, so learning is very important for a Blogger.

Both new and old blogger because the more higher, deeper and exposed you’re as a Blogger the more you deserve to learn more,

Or, it should be explained better in this way, ” The more a Blogger gives out knowledge the more he desires to acquire more knowledge . So it is just like a turning cycle.

Also, read about the blogging alternatives do boost your income

And you should also note that we are not talking about copying other bloggers’ work here.

Instead we are talking about reading,learning , concretizing and giving your summary based on your own understanding and also in your own pattern,

In conclusion, every blogger hoping for success should learn how to create enough time to learn more on his blog specialization.

*Create delivery time

This is the time for you to give out on your already gotten knowledge,

It’s also required that the more you bring out time for learning, the more you also create time for delivery.

In the second time factor you are required to write and publish to the world, so it is a writing and publishing time,

it’s also the time that helps a Blogger to accomplish his blogging passion.

*Create time for Promotion

The final category of time for a Blogger to create in his blog is the time for promotion, as the name Implies , it is time for a Blogger to promote his writing to the outside world.

Do not just publish and keep publishing without promoting your already published blog posts,

It is recorded that more than 50 percent of failed bloggers fail not because the successful ones know or write better than them.

But they failed either because they didn’t know about promoting time of a Blogger

Or they failed because they lack the marketing strategies to use during promoting time, or they mismanaged their promotion time.

You can’t just be writing and publishing for yourself, your Post deserves to reach out to many people , not only peoples in your country but many people in the world,

There are many ways to promote a blog, You can share your Blog Post to friends through Social media platforms,

You can also Promote with YouTube and many other ways.

Or better still read our post on how to promote a blog here,
How to Promote your Blog: 9 best Ways

It will help you to gain more knowledge on blog promotion.

3. Always publish consistently to become a successful blogger

Hand writing illustration image as one of the tips for becoming a successful blogger

Being consistent in blogging is another way that leads a Blogger towards success in blogging,

When finally you decided to start your own blog,

Please be consistent enough to achieve success & join the world of successful bloggers.

You should have in your mind that successful bloggers will never publish once in a month instead they are always consistent in their publishing,

You can even choose to be publishing in a daily basis, so it is a good idea if you can afford mapping out time for daily publishing,

The two important tips that you are required to implement while being consistent in your publishing are;

  • Make sure that your today post is better than yesterday’s post. what I’m trying to say is that you should try to improve your write-up everyday.
  • Being a human being,we are all prone to make some mistakes, but be smart enough to recognise your writing mistakes and immediately work towards amendments and perfections before hitting the Publish button. Most importantly, never should you make a silly mistake in your Post.

Do not even neglect the power of publishing consistently because it is the number one key to success as a new blogger. You can always contact expert writers to write for your blog by clicking on the image link below.

4. Patient is another tips needed for becoming a successful blogger

Patience is required for a Blogger to be successful,

This is because blogging doesn’t start giving you money immediately, instead bloggers money accumulates as time goes on.

People into blogging should stop taking blogging as a money making machine. Though it can make you rich but never instantly.

Your time, efforts and patience is strongly needed to achieve a successful blogging .

One good and intelligent friend of mine quitted blogging,

Not because she is not good in Writing & promoting but she quitted for lack of patience.

She has the time factor, she is consistent, yet Doris applied for Google Adsense approval and got disapproved,

Then she quitted immediately without trying to figure out the reason behind her rejection and making an amendment on it.

So she is being recorded today as one of the failed bloggers because of lack of patience.

Even Harsh Agrawal, a well known successful Indian blogger and the fountain head of Shoutmeloud

Also said he was twice disapproved by Adsense before he finally got adsence approval after making some amendments on his mistakes,

Assuming he quitted the moment he was disapproved, he wouldn’t have turn around to be whom he was today,

I mean he wouldn’t have been recorded as one of the successful bloggers in the world.

I think it is going to be a great lesson for every blogger to learn, especially newbie bloggers.

5. Be focus on one Niche

Please never should you start a blog to be posting whatever came to your mind,instead be focus and center your Blogging on one Niche

To explain it better, if you are knowledgeable enough on ways to cook, then choose cooking as your Niche and be Covering and posting every topic on how to cook.

One important thing to note when choosing a niche, never choose a niche because someone you know very well is into it.

Instead choose a niche because you know and can as well write about it very well without needing help from someone else.

So it is strongly required that for you to become a successful blogger, you’re going to focus on one Niche topic per Website.

The reason why i included per Website is because I have received a question from one of my visitors telling me that she knows about cooking and fashion,then asking me if she can combine both in a single site,

Anyway the answer to this question is this; if you knows more than one Niche you can choose to be Covering them together but on different Website,

Why it is necessary to maintain a one Niche per website

  1. To improve your Website search engine ranking
  2. To make you become focused on your blog
  3. Makes it easily for you to monetize your blog

6. Use Quality Contents to become a successful blogger

Writing a quality post is one of the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger,not just writing a Post but writing a quality and easy to digest post, including images when necessary.


Never should you neglect the power of a quality post, for instance.

One of the Adsense Policy stated that in some countries it is required that a Blogger should reach 6 months blogging age before getting Adsense approval.

But hearing testimonies of people from the mentioned countries that got adsense and even with a month long blog, you can look at their blog to find out that the rules failed on them because of quality content.

We even have the same thing happening in our real life journey, for instance, A man may say

” I will get married at 30 years” but unfortunately for him or rather fortunately for him at 25 he met a lady that moved his heart in an unbearable manner.

And courtesy demands the lady must get married in 6 months time, what do you think would be his next line of actions?

Check the 5 best tips to overcome writing difficulties

For sure he is going to break his 30 years marriage Policy & go ahead to marry the lady at 25 years.

So the explanation I’m trying to accomplish here is the explanation on Quality.
It is even better to deliver a quality post than to deliver a quantity post, but then merging quality and quantity is still the best.

7. Communication is among the 11 tips for becoming a successful blogger

Picture displaying tips for becoming a successful blogger through communication

A successful blogger is always communicable to their readers, though you might not know the majority of your readers but you should find a way of communicating and outreaching to your readers.

It’s one of the secret keys of successful bloggers.

There are many ways that a writer uses to communicate to their readers, Or didn’t you know how to reach your readers?

Don’t panic at all because I am going to show you the top 2 ways to reach out to your worldly readers.

Have you heard about the best hosting for WordPress Convesio?

2 means that Bloggers utilizes in reaching out to their readers.

  • Social Media ; You can share your articles through social media sharing, and the top 5 social media Sharing platforms that most publishers use are; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp.
  • Through email Collections; You can as well start by implementing email marketing strategies to your Website, want to know more about email marketing ? Anyway email marketing can be simplified as a way of collecting visitors email for the purpose of keeping them updated on whatever that is happening in your blog,
  • It tends to create a ceaseless relationship between you as a publisher and your readers that is bound to stand the test of time.

Never should you neglect the unfailing power of communication,

You might be fortunate enough to write and publish an impressive post and by the end of the day failed to get what you initially wanted from your Post,

Simply because of lack of communication.

Wait a minute please!

One more thing, try to moderate your communication, I mean do not over- communicate to avoid interrupting people’s privacy, it’s a pure truth that you must know in communication.

8. Create entertaining environment

Image of fruits as an entertaining ways to become a successful blogger

An English adage says that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, in the same way ” All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.

You can understand what I mean. Entertain your visitors as you would entertain your real life visitor.

I knew you may be curious to know how you can entertain an invincible visitor right?

Don’t worry, I would have to lecture you on that right now.

How successful bloggers entertain their visitors.

  • They use stories related to their key topic when writing a Post to entertain their readers, not just any stories they know but a motivational story that triggers attention in curiosity.
  • Bloggers also entertain their visitors by creating a less distracting environment either by reducing or removing some pop-ups ads that tends to annoy their blog readers.

Thank you for reading our today’s post on the unfailing tips for becoming a successful blogger.

Always come to read more blog post like this and do not forget to drop us a comment on the article you just read.

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