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7 powerful ways to make money on twitter


Maybe you’re among those people doubting the possibility of making money on twitter?

I got you covered in this article on 7 Powerful Ways to make money on twitter.

You can believe with me that twitter is one of the top 5 social networks in the world today with its users being counted in millions, that is why making money on twitter could be easier for everyone that is serious about making money on Social Media.

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Are you a twitter user aspiring to earn a living with your account? 

Then quickly start now to gain more twitter followers by reading the article below, not just reading alone but also putting it into practice!

And how can you get more followers on twitter?

Simply by optimizing your account, and the most important optimisation should be on your account profile and your bio, so lets take a look at the two twitter profile below!





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Now that you have learnt how to get more followers on twitter, the next step to take is to start making money on twitter.


7 Powerful Ways to make money on Twitter


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1. Start with sponsored tweets.

Sponsored tweets had been a great way of making money on twitter, there is no much deal in tweeting a sponsored tweets but it is being attached to some rules,

You can seriously earn a lot via sponsored tweets but bear in mind that companies or brands sponsoring tweets considers high followed, engaged and optimized accounts.

So consider reaching out to some of the brands when you have gotten yourself big and engaged followers, in such way you will get paid just for sending tweets on behalf of the brand or company in question.


2.  Promote your own Products.

Do you know that you can turn your  social media page like twitter into your market place where you will be selling your own Products?

Anyway I want to also let you know about the marketing power of social media, after all most of all the well known brands and companies also fully rely on social media for marketing their products.

You too can market and promote your own Products on your twitter page to enjoy making money on twitter via selling your own Products.


3. Take advantage of YouTube videos.

Because many twitter users are always searching for a way of getting more income  on twitter and so it is a wise and intelligent idea to create YouTube video that talks about it in your Channel.

Look at the trick to use after making the video tutorial, send it as a tweets in your twitter and also share it in all your other social media page like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and many others.

Believing the facts that making money on twitter has been a common question asked by every account owner, and so the video is sure to be a viral video which you’re going to monetize in YouTube.


4. Take advantage of your Website.


This is mostly recommended for website owners, they should take advantage of their twitter page to make money in their website.

They should utilize making money on twitter by using twitter as a way of sharing their website contents and finally monetize in their website, so it is an indirect way of making money on your twitter account.

Let your website contents to always go viral in twitter and by so doing you get more readers to your Website and finally monetize your twitter readers in your website.


5. Promote affiliate Product.

Yes, affiliate program promotion has been a great way of making money on twitter and not just limited on twitter alone but also works well in other social networks.

You can Join affiliate companies and start promoting their products in your twitter page.

It is a good making money idea to start in your twitter page especially when you have gotten huge number of people following your account.


6. Use twitter advertising.


Yes, twitter advertising is also among the 7 Powerful ways to make money on twitter.

I know some people is going to doubt the possibility of making money  through twitter advertising, this is because you’re required to pay for twitads on twitter.

Now I’m going to walk you through how you can make money by using twitter ads!

In twitter advertising you pay money to twitter for you to get your account,tweets or trends to be promoted to the rightful accounts.


Remember what i said about promoting to the right accounts, assuming you’re into make up products and you pay to let your products to be promoted to people in need of your products, what do you think would be the outcome of the promotion?

Viral sales of your products is sure to be the outcome of the twitter promotion thereby making it possible for you to make money on your account via twitads.


7. Create online course.

Just like I have  written in this article on 7 Powerful Ways to make money on twitter, you can also create an Online Course on a related topic and see interested people paying to participate in your course.

You can choose to promote your course in your twitter page to reach out to other twitter users that may have been aspiring to know how to start making money on their twitter account.

The idea is that interested people will join you by paying to participate on your online course, and that’s another great money making strategies on twitter.

Thank you for reading my blog!

If in case you have questions to ask on the 7 Powerful Ways to make money on Twitter, then you’re free to do so in the comment section.

Or maybe you know of other ways of making money to be added to my 7 Powerful Ways to make money on twitter?

Also let’s know in the comment table.


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